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Reviews to inform users' decisions in downloading and using an app.

There’re many apps on several app stores with similar functions. Grabbing a user’s attention to yours requires that you provide a unique feature they’ve never enjoyed, and how else to do that than through a review.

There’re several factors that prompt users to download an app; one of them is its review. Most people require proof of functionality before they can download an app they need. These proofs usually come in the form of user reviews, which mostly border on an app’s usability and effectiveness. They influence how apps get ranked and rated, and they’re also responsible for their success and otherwise.

If an app has massive positive reviews, it’s highly likely to get downloaded more than others with lesser reviews. It also tends to enjoy an increase in overall rank. On the other hand, if a specific app brings lots of bad reviews from users, its position will drop, and it’ll also suffer fewer downloads.

About Our Reviews

Millions of apps litter the internet, each of them proffering a solution to one problem or the other. They’re present in the various app stores that have set up shops on the online space. According to some studies and statistics, there’re over 6,000,000 apps on Google Play Store and another over 1,500,000 on iPhone’s App Store.


New ones get published every day, and they increase by the day, making the competition among them very strong. Due to this, the need for reviews become more pronounced to ensure that apps get the attention they require.


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Maggie is a tech geek that derives joy from creating premium content that features app reviews and recommendations. Exploring the latest mobile apps and continually studying the industry is part of her daily routine. Her educational background in software engineering and journalism has done her lots of good.


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