About Us

Millions of apps litter the internet, each of them proffering a solution to one problem or the other. They’re present in the various app stores that have set up shops on the online space. According to some studies and statistics, there’re over 6,000,000 apps on Google Play Store and another over 1,500,000 on iPhone’s App Store.


New ones get published every day, and they increase by the day, making the competition among them very strong. Due to this, the need for reviews become more pronounced to ensure that apps get the attention they require.


Maggi Crisler is your go-to platform on the web for the best app reviews. We filter through the over six million apps on Google Play Store and the over one million, five hundred thousand apps on the App Store to bring you much-needed information and news concerning apps. We provide the best app reviews you can ever come across on the internet through our exceptional blogger, Maggi Crisler.

Our Focus

To give you quality, original content rather than monotonous ones you can find all over the internet on our platform. We structure our reviews in a way that makes it easy for you to make a decision on which apps to download while also providing you with tips, news, and information on mobile updates.


Since its establishment in August 2011, Maggi Crisler has grown to become one of the most sought-after app review blogs online. The blogger, Maggi Crisler, has done an excellent job of recruiting some of the world’s best app advisors to educate users on the best apps to have on their devices.

Maggie Crisler

Maggie Crisler is a seasoned blogger and founder of Maggie Crisler blog. A native of Portland, Oregon, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from New York States University, Albany, and a Master’s degree from Columbia University in New York. She started her blogging career shortly after she resigned from her job as a tech journalist for Google Inc. in 2010, where she spent three years.

Maggie is a tech geek that derives joy from creating premium content that features app reviews and recommendations. Exploring the latest mobile apps and continually studying the industry is part of her daily routine. Her educational background in software engineering and journalism has done her lots of good.

She has written several mind-blowing, award-winning pieces on application features and reviews for many A-list tech platforms. Maggie has received several awards, notable among them being the New York’s Tech Writer of the Year award for 2018.

Her blog, Maggie Crisler, serves over 2,000,000 registered members and more than 500,000 guest readers daily. It’s been a source of education and enlightenment to not-so-tech-savvy folks. Imparting knowledge and helping mobile users make informed app downloading decisions are what fuel her passion. Maggie’s happily married and blesses with two beautiful children.