How to Start a Successful Carpentry Blog

When starting carpentry work or business, it is imperative to have a blog. This is because it enables an individual to communicate their trade to their target audience in an effective manner. An individual must be passionate about carpentry work as it is their trade which they are communicating. It is

important to start by thinking what aspect of carpentry work an individual would like to talk about. Most often it is an aspect that they have vast knowledge in and therefore comes to them as second nature. This enables them to offer content that is useful and always robust. For instance, in carpentry you could be doing a vast number of things ranging from furniture making to whole house renovation or refurb table saw. This accords one greater content as opposed to specializing where one is always focusing on one aspect. This would bring down the vigor.

To be successful in starting a carpentry blog, a carpenter should be able to demonstrate that they can offer solutions to their target audience’s daily problems. The individual must ask what aspect of carpentry makes them unique and hence what they can offer to their target audience. It is then imperative to revolve around aspects that make you unique in order to write a good content
carpentry blog. The next important aspect to consider is the blog name.

The carpentry blog name should not exceed more than three words. This is so as to poignantly communicate the subject matter without unnecessary bravado. The name of the blog must be able to easily explain itself and what the carpentry blog entails. The bog should get a domain such as .com or .co .uk so as to be professionally presented as opposed to .net or .blog which are bland. It is imperative to ensure that the name of the blog is not obtained from various social media platforms. Some blog sites have a limit as to the number of characters one can use to represent their handles.

It is important to consider on the carpentry blog whether it will be self-hosted or free. A self-hosted blog is the recommended option if there are funds to be spared. It does not require a colossal sum per annum. In a free blog, an individual is unable to have their own unique domain name and therefore is not very professional. There are some exceptions but the general rule applies. It is also crucial to consider that self- hosted websites are susceptible to getting hacked and should therefore be regularly backed up to avoid loss of

The carpentry blog should seriously consider whether to use WordPress or blogger to generate content. From the two, Blogger is the most preferred for the carpentry blog. This is because it is easier to back up the blog. In addition to this,

the blog allows an individual to download all the posts and pictures with the click of a button. In WordPress the process is tedious as it entails downloading both the posts and pictures in a separate manner. The downside to Blogger is that it does not look as professional when compared to WordPress. Blogger is also limiting to function and therefore not as versatile as WordPress. It is crucial to point out that webhosts are frequently bought out. Their value is penned on the glowing reviews they have obtained in the past and this makes customer service reviews to be out of date and unreliable. It is important to make sure that the photos taken for the carpentry blog are professionally done. This is important when considering factors such as lighting and angles.